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Hi, I’m Ziv Baida, and you’ve found my blog! This is where I write about… anything related to my professional life. This is a blog aboutZiv Baida doing business in the data & digital space. A professional’s (my) real-life experiences in data analytics, technology (e.g. blockchain, fintech, mobile, analytics, IoT,…), about the business environment, about the people aspects of being a professional, and anything else that really matters and happens in a professional’s career.

This blog was born from an observation that people (some people) value my opinion and value my updates about professional areas of interest, combined with the fact that I enjoy writing and I have experience in writing (I’ve written numerous articles during the course of my career).

Throughout my career I’ve been an advocate of knowledge sharing. At the beginning of my career, a mentor said to me that he’s being evaluated based on the knowledge that he shares, rather than based on the knowledge that he has. This sentence formed for me a beautiful guideline in my career ever since.

Content Of This Blog

And so in this blog I will share with you both knowledge and experience:

  • Knowledge about data, about digital, about technologies, and about industries that I engage with
  • Experience in working on the same topics, as well as more general experience as a professional in the marketplace, experience in working with other professionals, experience in doing business, in sales, in business development, in consulting, in marketing… in all aspects of my professional life.

Background About Myself

The course of my career has determined my areas of knowledge and experience:

  • MSc degree in computer science
  • PhD degree in information management
  • Several types of commercial roles: consulting (IT Strategy), business development, sales leader
  • Industry specialization: years of working for and with Government clients; logistics companies and other participants in the ecosystem of Global Trade
  • Hard skills: IT/technologies, data, digital

What To Expect?

What can you expect from me, and from this blog?

  • Focus on new ideas, on innovation; not on COTS products or mainstream solutions. Working on something new gives me the intellectual challenge!
  • Broad scope: as the short description of my career has shown, I broaden my horizons and show interest in adjacent areas to mine, and thereby extend what is “my” area. This is driven by the realization that matters are inter-dependent.
  • Open for discussion: I welcome your opinions on my blogs (as long as you write constructively)
  • I do not take no for an answer. If I believe in something, and I find it important, I’ll make it happen.
  • I will not use this blog to aggressively market the company that I work for, but I will write about its offerings sometimes, because I strongly believe in its value proposition!
  • Open mind: I have lived in several countries, I have travelled in several dozens of countries, and I have worked with people from many backgrounds. I am part of the generation for which the word “flexibility” is an inherent way of living and working.
  • Since I am a structured guy, my blog posts will all be divided to categories, and will have tags. You can use the tag search functionality to search blog posts on topics of interest, e.g. Blockchain, trade, Government etc.


The texts on this blog represent my personal views, thoughts and observations.

For questions, suggestions, comments and more, please send a message through the contact page.


Enjoy reading!


Ziv Baida, PhD

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baida

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zivbaida