What People Say About Me

On my LinkedIn profile, you can find numerous recommendations, all written by people who have worked with me in various capacities. Below are a few of these recommendations.

Commercial Director at Altares Dun & Bradstreet BeNeLux (2020)

I have the pleasure to work with Ziv since 2014 and fully endorse him. When Ziv was still working at IBM we first met and did business together. I was glad we could convince him to join Dun & Bradstreet in 2015. Ever since I have worked with Ziv on a daily basis and came to appreciate him even more. Ziv understands complex markets (especially government) and the customer needs and then come up with great solutions. He thrives by combining his expert skills like Business Development, strategy, understanding of technology and innovation. He will make sure that your business also looks after the day after tomorrow with his long term strategic view which enables him to be ahead of the market (trends). On a personal level Ziv is a true professional, honest, loyal, always willing to help others, a people person and basically a trusted partner. Feel free to reach out for specific references.

F. van der Werff – managed Ziv


Partner at IBM – The Netherlands (2020)

I have worked with Ziv many years, in projects around the world. I have gotten to know Ziv as a brilliant mind and an excellent consultant with a great nose for business opportunities. All my clients were fond of him and treated him as trusted advisor. His area of expertise during our projects was in the area of logistics, digitisation, compliance processes, data processing and artificial intelligence. Besides his professional skills he was a great person to work with. I would recommend any business to hire Ziv.

N. Kouwenhoven – worked with Ziv


Managing Director at Altares Dun & Bradstreet BeNeLux (2019)

Ziv is one of the best Business Development Leaders I have ever worked with. His ability to understand a customer’s business, the technology that powers them and the people that influence them is second to none. Couple that together with his creative and innovative mindset, Ziv is able to produce solutions that drive customer, people and shareholder value to almost any business.
On a personal level, Ziv is a true gentleman with a sincere interest in people. During the three years we worked together I learnt a lot from him and can only thank him for the time he invested in me.
Ziv comes with my highest recommendation!!

D. Tebbitt – Ziv’s 2nd-level manager


Director at IBM UK (2018)

I’ve worked with Ziv for over five years, initially whist we were both at IBM then when Ziv joined D&B. Ziv is a seasoned, serious and skilled business development professional specialising in digital transformation. At IBM he was involved extensively in Government and International Trade, and was very effective in the acquisition and execution of business in these areas. Since leaving IBM Ziv has considerably broadened his scope, focusing on digital transformation help organisation exploit the overlap between information, technology and business to attain then maintain competitive advantage.
I’ve always been impressed by Ziv’s “can do” attitude and determination to help his customers succeed, even in complex and challenging situations. Ziv is an excellent and enthusiastic colleague and a real “team player”. He is always keen to continuously grow in knowledge and influence. I would not hesitate to warmly recommend Ziv, and would welcome requests for 1:1 specific references.

J. Palfreyman – worked with Ziv


Government & Public Sector – Strategic Relationship Manager at Dun & Bradstreet UK (2016)

Ziv is an excellent example of a strategic thinker who has a real focus on getting things done and above all making it happen to achieve the business goals. He is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to offer advice and at the same time recognises the value and nurturing of a good team and their input into driving results. Ziv has considerable knowledge and expertise in a number of fields and has gravitas with clients. A very positive individual, a great asset to any business.

R. Turner – worked with Ziv


Client Executive at IBM Finland (2015)

Ziv has exceptional skills in managing both internal and customer meetings. He builds and maintains a pleasant mode of discussion, but keeps his focus in finding the possible hidden issues and develops the conversation to the right direction for mutual benefit. He is patiently building the overall picture before making any direct decisions or suggestions. This greatly adds the possibility for the next steps being the correct ones and gaining long term customer trust.

K. Dunderfelt – worked with Ziv


Client Executive at IBM Sweden (2014)

Ziv can reveal something that the client doesn’t know about their business (in a non-threatening manner) and has the capability to help the client to develop and execute their new strategy. He can make a correct diagnosis of the business needs and the problems/challenges/opportunities the client is facing and is able to expand upon the impact of those during the sales process.

T. Hägglöf – worked with Ziv


Technical Project Manager at Intrasoft International – Greece (2012)

I have been working with Ziv for the last 4 years on various challenging eCustoms IT modernization projects and initiatives. Having collaborated with Ziv, I had the opportunity to discover his strong knowledge on Customs processes, his professionalism and his excellent analytical and strategic thinking skills. Ziv is a very good team worker who is always working with enthusiasm and diligence.

P. Loukakos – business partner, worked with Ziv


Leader Technology Strategy practice Benelux at IBM (2010)

I am very happy to recommend Ziv. I managed Ziv over a 2 year period in the capacity of manager of IBM’s IT Strategy practice. I have learned to know him as one of the brightest, committed and loyal professionals in the industry.

J. Koopmans – managed Ziv


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